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Charles de Kunffy

Strive for Ideals with the New Generation of Classical Riders

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With each lecture your expertise improves! Don't Miss This Opportunity to learn from USDF hall of fame master horseman, author, clinician, and judge, Charles de Kunffy!

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Inspiring, Elegant, Thoughtful

The way dressage was meant to be ridden.

An approach to the art of dressage as a whole and not as a series of recipes the rider can apply to fix the horse. There are no magic techniques or secret pieces of equipment. Just a clear and concise methodology that builds on itself to produce a balanced and happy horse.

What You Will Learn:
Creating Confidence in Riders to Strive for Ideals
  • Consistent and Effective Equitation
  • Discover How to Develop Mastery of Self
  • How to Listen to and Learn from the Horse
  • Why we Respect the Process and the History
  • Steps to Obtain a Stable, Supple, & Balanced Seat
  • Tune & Train Your Eye - Methodologies to Know what is Best for the Horse
Blending Classical Principals with Competitive Riding
  • Concept of the Ideals - Replicate & Exaggerate
  • Build it or Break It - No Neutrality
  • Sculpting of the Rider - Why Equitation Matters
  • How to Inspire Riders to Connect to Traditional Theories 
  • Mentoring Human Spirit, Motivation, & Overcoming Limitations
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Lecture 1 | Concept of the Ideals

  • Replicate vs Exaggerate

Lecture 2 | Build it or Break It

  • No neutrality

  • Daily Vocabulary 

  • What your students “say” to the horse on a daily basis. 

  • Modifications for the levels

Lecture/ Demo 3 | Sculpting of the Rider

  • Why equitation matters


Lecture 1 | Inspiring Riders to Connect to Traditional Theories

  • Take the time that it takes.
  • Why Classical is good for the RIDER and the HORSE

  • What is Engagement?​

Lecture 2 | Mentoring Human Spirit, Motivation, & Overcoming Limitations

  • Rider virtues

  • How do you help riders overcome limitations?

  • Problem solving fear, spooking, etc

  • Inspire growth

  • Knowing when to push.

Q & A | Looking Ahead

  • Clinic vs Academy

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 "I wanted to thank you, JJ and the whole team for this wonderful clinic!

The most encouraging aspect for me was how a master can communicate

so clearly the desired ideals for dressage rooted in the classical foundation.


From the theory lectures to all the riding sessions this was the best day

I have spent in years! Thank you for Team Tate Academy and organizing  this excellent learning experience. I have started applying concepts to my

riding and already feeling good changes!

Also love the weekly videos and worksheets!"

- Amy Grahn


About Charles de Kunffy

Get to know our clinician!


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Charles de Kunffy, a member of the Austro-Hungarian nobility, was born and raised in Hungary. His parents were eminent horse breeders with derby winning racehorses.


Charles started riding as a child, always under expert supervision and instruction. His riding masters were educated during the golden age of equitation between 1900-1945. His teachers were the products of the finest riding institutions of the “inter bellum.”


These included Vienna and Wienerneustadt in Austria, Hannover and Berlin in Germany, Pinerolo and Tordiquinto in Italy, and Hungary’s Orkeny. Pal Kemery, Jeno Kosa-Reznek, Imre Bodo and Geza Hazslinsky-Krull attended these institutions, competed with great successes and mentored Charles for years in an institutional setting.

Cross-country riding, jumping and dressage were melded into one comprehensive system of training, adhering to the classical tradition of riding theory and methodology.

Diversification of activities, riding skills and the ability to improve any horse were emphasized in the academic training program. Charles de Kunffy was schooled with the strictest adherence to classical training traditions based on scholarship and a profound respect for the horse.


He represents the unbroken heritage of classical horsemanship handed down from generation to generation without compromise.

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