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JJ Tate's enthusiastic, engaging & illuminating teaching style along with her commitment to classical horsemanship has gained her popularity as a clinician nation-wide.


Riders and auditors rave over her ability to make theory and application accessible and inspirational to riders of all levels. For more information on JJ’s upcoming clinic dates, or to inquire about booking her for a future date, contact Team Tate Dressage .


For a taste of JJ’s teaching style, click here to read a review of a symposium she recently gave for the North Carolina Dressage and Combined Training Association.



If you are interested in riding or auditing, view the calendar and then contact the organizer for more information on the availability of riding spots. 

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Team Tate Dressage believes in developing & supporting thinking riders of all levels.

Learn & be inspired at both Blue Ridge Farm in Landrum, South Carolina and Poinciana Farm in Loxahatchee, Florida.
Team Tate regularly hosts:
  • Charles de Kunffy

        Master horseman, clinician, & judge

  • Susanne von Dietze-Pollak

        World-renowned seat, balance & position expert, FEI Dressage                  Rider

  • Trainer & Instructor Seminars
  • Demonstrations
  • Lectures & Courses


For more information on availability, as well as current rates, please contact Team Tate Dressage.​


"JJ effectively takes her training program into the competition arena for top scores at every level. As a result, she has risen to the very highest level in the sport of dressage."


– Oded Shimoni, World Equestrian Games Competitor and International Trainer
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Team Tate Dressage offers a variety of services for horse and rider, such as:

  • Full training packages

  • Training and competing FEI horses

  • Haul-in lessons

  • Short-term training getaways

  • Show preparation and coaching

  • Hosting of world-class clinicians


Team Tate Dressage brings out the best in all horses while developing them through the levels with harmony, flow, & partnership.

Designed to develop your horse as an individual athlete through a system of progressive, gymnastic training, combined with cross-training activities like cavalettie, hill work, & hacking.



Riders in the Team Tate program develop not only a classical seat but the abilities and understanding of a compassionate, thinking rider through the mastery of both theory and practice.


Learn the skills and mindset of great riders through a system of education passed on through the centuries by generations of master horsemen and women.

For more information on availability, as well as current rates, please contact Team Tate Dressage.​


Sale Horses

Shopping for your next partner? Team Tate Dressage can help! From offering an elite list of sales horses to consulting and test rides, JJ Tate's commitment to excellence extends to helping you find that special horse to meet your dressage needs.

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