Team Tate Educational Event: Charles de Kunffy

Learn from this inspiring clinician! 

Dates TBD

at Blue Ridge Farm in Landrum, South Carolina

Charles de Kunffy’s expertise and his ability to inspire and instruct his students earns him great popularity and respect.

His work is appreciated for its scholastic depth, academic expertise, and the clarity and vigor of its delivery. Charles de Kunffy is the author of six published books.

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at Blue Ridge Farm

226b Pleasant Hill Road
Landrum, South Carolina
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About Charles de Kunffy

Get to know our clinician!



Charles de Kunffy, a member of the Austro-Hungarian nobility, was born and raised in Hungary. His parents were eminent horse breeders with derby winning racehorses. Charles started riding as a child, always under expert supervision and instruction. His riding masters were educated during the golden age of equitation between 1900-1945. His teachers were the products of the finest riding institutions of the “inter bellum.” These included Vienna and Wienerneustadt in Austria, Hannover and Berlin in Germany, Pinerolo and Tordiquinto in Italy, and Hungary’s Orkeny. Pal Kemery, Jeno Kosa-Reznek, Imre Bodo and Geza Hazslinsky-Krull attended these institutions, competed with great successes and mentored Charles for years in an institutional setting.

Cross-country riding, jumping and dressage were melded into one comprehensive system of training, adhering to the classical tradition of riding theory and methodology. Diversification of activities, riding skills and the ability to improve any horse were emphasized in the academic training program. Charles de Kunffy was schooled with the strictest adherence to classical training traditions based on scholarship and a profound respect for the horse. He represents the unbroken heritage of classical horsemanship handed down from generation to generation without compromise.

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"I met Jessica at a clinic many years ago. It was a great pleasure to work with JJ, and her very fine horses. In fact, teaching Jessica was really not work at all, we had fun together correcting a few small mistakes. JJ’s classical seat and her immediate execution of my corrections was a great help.


What impressed me the most at our first meeting was that JJ wasn’t influenced by the new riding style, Rollkur (where you make the horse helpless and take its pride away). She remained true to classical training, where a partnership, with equal trust and respect, is built up. The horse is taught to strengthen soul and body. Everything that the horse does in nature will be refined and brought under control, but without force, and it can recall it at any time. We have to reach a horse’s limit, but to keep the horse healthy for many years, never exceed it.


I lost contact with JJ for some time, but at a symposium (with Mr. Christoph Hess in Wellington, FL) we met again. Immediately we arranged a date for a clinic.

It was a great pleasure for me to work again with such a very talented rider, whose occupation is also her passion. Her classical training has not changed.


Mr. Charles de Kunffy is a big factor in helping J.J. stay with classical dressage training. Presently, this is not easy to commit to. Only riders who are 100% convinced about the classical riding style will be loyal to it.


This kind of attitude already existed in the earlier days, where, to those who wanted to have quick successes, it didn’t matter that our loyal horses had to suffer. It is incorrect to blame the horse for a mistake, especially when it is really a misunderstanding of our aids, and the horse reacts differently than we expected. We have to give our aids such that the horse understands them. It is not the horse that has to adjust to us, but us that has to adjust to the horse. It is necessary that we learn the horse’s language: their reaction to our aids and their surroundings.

“The more you know, the more you know what you don’t know”. A good rider like JJ is aware of the truth of this statement, and because of that she always tries to learn more. All of her horses and students profit from this. I would trust her with my horses.

JJ stay as you are and let your good instinct lead you. "

– Walter Zettl



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